Front Porch

What do you imagine when you think of a front porch? I see people relaxing and talking. I hear stories shared and problems solved. I think feelings like sadness, hurt, and anger are expressed, along with joy and love. Listening happens, and people are comforted. I believe before therapy, front porches created countless moments of healing. That is why I call my practice Front Porch Counseling, and while I don’t use a front porch for therapy, I have a large wrap-around front porch at my office. So, physically and metaphorically, I have a front porch for you.

I believe...

  • We are unique and individual; we don’t fit into molds and boxes.
  • We generally have very good, respectable, and important reasons for feeling and behaving as we do.
  • Many unpleasant feelings and behaviors (pain, panic, compulsive behaviors, depression, etc.) are an attempt by our unconscious to call awareness to what needs attention.
  • Many feelings and behaviors that are dysfunctional and self-sabotaging now were once valid survival responses.
  • The deep work of  healing, growth, and self-discovery is challenging, painful, rewarding, possible, and imminently valuable.
  • We cannot separate people into mind, body, and soul; we must be seen and treated as a whole.
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