About Roberta

   Roberta Fish is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker whose mission is to support emotional and spiritual healing, learning, and growth. Trauma blocks our thriving. Restoration and healing gives us an abundant life. 

The decision to heal is a God-honoring, life-affirming choice.

Ephesians 2:10 says, “You are God’s masterpiece!” One-of-a-kind, unique, unrepeatable. You are the only you there is. God wants to mend his beautiful masterpiece, which is you.

When God holds the crayons, you can expect a masterpiece. 
— Toni Sorenson

You were created as a masterpiece, one of God’s expressions of beauty. Short, tall, thin, thick, freckles, big eyes, small ones, it doesn’t matter.
Dannah Gresh

As a child, I loved words. I loved writing them, I loved reading them, and I really loved saying them.
Under the Needs Improvement section in my report card, it always said, talks too much.
 Words have been a significant part of my life. While a nurse for 22 years, I empowered patients with teaching words. When I was a Director of Psych Services, I used words to guide and mentor my staff. Words of compassion, insight, and reframing have been a big part of my work as a psychotherapist. When professor of religion my words prepared students entering the healthcare field. As a pastor and campus chaplain, teaching the Word has been delightful and transformative for myself and others.
Now, as an author, God has given me the responsibility and joy of writing words for Him. 

My goal is to help women move from surviving to thriving. Through writing, speaking, counseling, and teaching, by God’s grace, I will guide and support you in the process of healing, learning, and growing. Read my blogs. Watch my videos. Ask me questions. Invite me to speak. Check out my books. 

A few things about me, just for fun!

  • I am retired, but not really. I am a psychotherapist and author.
  • I’m the middle kid of three sisters, smack in the middle of a fifteen-year spread.
  •  My major in college was nursing. Years later I got my BA in Applied Behavioral Sciences and my Masters in Social Work. Lastly, I attended Northern Baptist Seminary. I love to learn.
  • My favorite car ever was my 2004 Mustang convertible, great for driving on the beach at Daytona.  
  • I’ve had a number of careers:  RN, pastor’s wife, Administrative Director of Psychiatric Services, Owner and Clinician of several psychotherapy practices, College Campus Chaplain, Professor of Religion and Psychology, pastor, speaker, and author.
  • I’m an Army brat. I moved seventeen times by the time I was seventeen. I lived in Augsburg, Germany from ages five to nine. 
  • I have practiced psychotherapy as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for thirty-five years.
  • I love mysteries – Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple and Poirot, Mrs. Bradley, and oh, Murder She Wrote was my favorite television series for ages. I don’t like to see the crime; I just like solving the mystery.
  • Fruit is my favorite food group.
  • Redheads run in my family. My parents were redheads. I am a redhead. I had a sister who was a redhead. I have three redheaded sons and two redheaded grandchildren.  


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