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Roberta started speaking in seventh grade, she won the local and regional Temperance Oration Contest. Speaking has been part of her life in all the careers she has enjoyed. When she speaks, she delights in getting to know participants. Attendees walk away inspired, empowered, and equipped to make life-changing transformations.

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These are topics Roberta presents regularly. They can be tailored to your specific needs.

Fences, Gates, and Walls

(workshop, seminar, a retreat, sermon)

One of the most challenging things for a Christian is setting God-given boundaries. Consider what boundaries are and how to establish them. Probe your beliefs about assertiveness and anger. Consider examples of unhealthy boundaries. Learn how Jesus set boundaries and honored others when they set boundaries. Explore how to say No. Practice other words used in setting limits.

A Woman's Way of Knowing God

(workshop, seminar, a retreat, sermon)

Why not say a person’s way of knowing God? Aren’t spiritual experiences the same for men and women? Learn the differences in the spiritual journey of men and women. Learn how women’s experiences affect their relationship with God?

10 Amazing Things You Never Knew About a Personal Mission Statement

(workshop, sermon)

Everyone has one, but most people don’t know their Personal Mission Statement. Do you know yours, and can you articulate it in one sentence? Does it encompass your whole life? Discovering your individual mission statement is fun, inspiring, and powerful. God has a specific reason for creating you. Finding out the plan will be a profound experience.

The Complete Guide to Forgiveness

(workshop, seminar, a retreat)

Learn the myths about forgiveness that keep us from genuinely forgiving. Examine the ten most important truths about forgiveness from the Word. Discover how forgiveness will change your life forever. Learn the process of forgiving and being forgiven. Uncover how to let go of the hurts we don’t deserve. Roberta has authored a book on forgiveness.

Why No One in the Church Talks about Divorce Recovery

(workshop, seminar)

Learn ten crazy but true things about divorce recovery. Discover new reasons to support a Divorce Recovery Ministry in your church. Consider several ways your church could start such a ministry.

20 Reasons the Church Should Be Talking about Stress

(workshop, seminar)

Recognize how stress is killing the church. Understand stress as the silent killer. Examine myths about stress. Study what scripture says about stress. Acquire new strategies for reducing stress. Transform stress into helpful energy.

13 Myths about Grief You Thought Were True

(workshop, seminar)

There are so many lies about grief. These lies complicate the process. Hear the research on this vital topic. Learn the truth about grieving and revitalize your life.

Seven Habits of Highly Nurtured Women

(seminar, a retreat)

The following seven seminars can be done as individual seminars or as a series at a retreat.

  1. Heart’s Desires (seminar or part of the Seven Secrets of Highly Nurtured Women)

If we have anything precious to contribute to the world, it will come through the expression of who we are which is who God created us to be. God’s plan sets us apart and makes us unique from any other person. Find your heart’s desires and be empowered to serve God faithfully and well from your heart. Psalm 37:4

  1. Quiet Please (seminar or part of the Seven Secrets of Highly Nurtured Women)

“Language has created the word loneliness to express the pain of being alone, and the word solitude to express the glory of being alone.” (Paul Tillich) Learn about the experience of being by yourself without feeling lonely. Psalm 23:2-3

  1. Energy in Motion (seminar or part of the Seven Secrets of Highly Nurtured Women)

Emotions are energy in motion, so how is your energy level? Learn about expression vs. depression, emotions, the immune system, and what happens when we repress emotions. Emotions – unresolved, unexpressed, and unhealed – mean that valuable energy is tied up trying to control and suppress them. This information will help you to be free to love God, others, and yourself more deeply and well.

  1. Juicy Living (seminar or part of the Seven Secrets of Highly Nurtured Women)

Why is our body so important? How do we inhabit this body temple with joy and gladness? Instead of living in our bodies, we often live in our heads. We lose touch with our physical sensations – our gut instincts. Learn how to connect to your body and live the juicy life God has in mind! Psalm 32:3-5

  1. Laughing Out Loud (seminar or part of the Seven Secrets of Highly Nurtured Women)

The angels must laugh at us humans and our predicaments! We can tell by the animal kingdom God has a sense of humor. Research about the benefits of laughter shows how important this topic is. Learn to make laughter a part of your life, even your spiritual life. After all, laughing at yourself is a sign of maturity. Proverbs 17:22

  1. Finding Your Inner Artist (seminar or part of the Seven Secrets of Highly Nurtured Women)

Creativity is a sacred gift to us from God. When we express it, we are giving a present back to God. Discover the ten killers of creativity. Learn how play and creativity are linked. Experience several ways to express your creativity. “Walk into the fields and look at the wildflowers.” Luke 12:27

  1. How Does Your Garden Grow? (Seminar or part of the Seven Secrets of Highly Nurtured Women)

Gardens need care. How is your “garden?” What does your “garden” need? We’ll look at every nook and cranny of your “garden.” Search and investigate. Take stock. What needs weeding? What needs replanting? What new seeds do I need to sow? Psalm 139:23-24

Nurturing Your Heart Connection to God

(individual workshops, a series of workshops, a retreat)

Study sacred habits, examine divine routines, and investigate ways of caring for your spiritual life. The weekend is about reflecting, pondering, and imagining – soul words. Journaling, remembering, dreams, silence, meditating on the Word, prayer styles, and how your personality type affects your prayer life are just some topics to be explored. Who could benefit from this retreat? New Christians, caregivers, Christians who are “stuck in a rut” spiritually, and anyone desiring a deeper walk with God.

Men Called Them Crazy, Jesus Called Them Daughter; How Jesus Empowered the Gospel Women

(individual workshops, a series of workshops, a retreat)

Who broke every cultural taboo in the book to get close to Jesus? What mother refused to take Jesus’ oft-repeated no for an answer? What foreigner had a theological discussion with Jesus and inspired a whole town to believe? Learn the surprising answers to these questions and many more at this retreat. As a religion professor, Roberta Fish spent over 15 years researching and teaching about the women of the Bible. Understanding the lush learning that permeates their stories through this research-based, culturally grounded, and user-friendly biblical study will inspire you. Explore the lives of the Hemorrhaging Woman, the Bent-over Woman, the Woman at the Well, the Syrophoenician Woman, Mary, her sister Martha, and Mary, the mother of Jesus. If you want to expand your knowledge of the women of the Gospels and deepen your relationship with Jesus, this topic is for you. Roberta is writing a book on this topic.

Recovering from Childhood Abuse

(individual workshops, a series of training sessions, a retreat)

Gain a vision of the recovery process. Definitions, coping strategies, stages of healing, boundaries, grief, forgiveness, self-care, and more. Roberta has authored a book on this topic.

Ministering Hope to the Hurting Heart

(individual workshops, a series of training sessions, a retreat)

Understand the process of healing from abuse and how you can help survivors heal. What are the wounds of abuse, and what causes them? What are the effects of the wounding? What are the first, second, and third stages of healing? Discover how you, as a non-professional but caring Christian, can help survivors heal? What about memories and flashbacks? What principles guide ministry to survivors? How do you find a therapist? What are self-care strategies? What about domestic violence? This training is for you if you want skills to help survivors of abuse in your church. Roberta has authored a book on this topic.


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