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Stop Bullying

Every year, one in five students will be bullied. Bullying is pervasive, so the idea developed that it’s a natural part of school life and

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I wanted an answer NOW

“Lord, I’m so upset right now. I thought you wanted us to retire, sell the house and move to Tennessee.” I was sitting on my

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Want or Plenty

Several years ago, I lived in Mechanic Falls, Maine. We had a lovely old house with a large, though not very deep, well. In the

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The Basket

Miriam sat in the rocker and closed her eyes. It had been a long hot day and her body was tired, so tired. She melted

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What’s in a Name?

Several years ago, Union Spring Academy, a Christian high school, in upstate New York held a Teen Skills Week. I was asked to be the

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Chicken Little

I was biking the 9-mile loop, riding on the sidewalk in the middle of a wide grassy area. There were chickens pecking for insects. One

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